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Returns Processor (Former Employee) says

"This place with work you to death. 10 hour days 6 days a week most of the year. During this pandemic they laid people off and a let a supervisor (the best sup they had) go while on medical leave.moved you from one department to the next and could care less about your mental health.None!All dont do it!!"

Assistant Buyer (Former Employee) says

"After working here for over 3 years I can say that it is the most toxic work environment I’ve ever experienced. There is absolutely no training and it is very high school in the sense that there is a lot of drama and managers that do not want you to succeed whatsoever. The salary compensation is also extremely low compared to most companies in Boston. Do yourself a favor and do not work here."

Packer (Former Employee) says

"If you want a caring employer, this is not the place. The do not ask if you have a disability because they do not accommodate them. They disregard doctors notes putting you on light duty. Peak is stressful. We worked monday-friday 10 hours a day and saturday and sunday 8 hours. They dont want to work around your schedule. Heaven forbid if you want to go to school to betterself. They have no use for you if you cannot do all the hours they ask and overtime is called at the last minute. You will find out the day before if you have to work of Saturday's."

NA (Former Employee) says

"Easily one of the worst jobs you could ever work in a photo studio. The morale and energy is extremely stale. Very few are welcoming to anyone that isn’t a stylist, extremely segregated both internally and externally. Assistant stylist work extremely hard to be overlooked and taken too lightly. Politics run this studio. I would never recommend working here. The lack of progression, diversity and eagerness to get to know your employees speaks volumes to the turnover rate"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"If you want poor, confusing and un-organized training. If you want to be in trouble and accumulate points because you have court, work there. Its fun! (That is sarcasm) I started there in September. Training was un-organized. Lead positions were based on favortism not experience."

Inventory Control Clerk (Current Employee) says

"on a weekly basis you work 60 hours and you have no personal time to take care of doctors appointments. They go by the point system and they point you if you’ve got a doctors appointments. This company is very difficult to work for and balance a personal life.You got 2 paid 15 minute breaksPay doesn’t match the amount of work you do"

Warehouse Operations (Former Employee) says

"if you want a career this is not the place, dont waste your time or energy here the pay is also a joke and way below the average 12 to 12.50 for a warehouse, they think it is competitive but you can literally go down the street and make 15$ an hour at any other place."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for less then a week and then my prior injury to the job began coming back in to play and they sent me home because of it. I got a fit for duty paper, which 2 out of the 3 doctors I had to go to wouldn't sign, they gave me notes that said i could work. It wasn't good enough though for them , I finally after a week got the fit for duty paper signed and went back, but at this point I got told I couldnt work at all until I was healed fully with absolutely zero restrictions. I went home and emailed the person who originally told me I could work when it was signed and came back in the next couple days later and got told it's peak season, you have a lot of restrictions so you can't work, and then I was firedNo ProsEverything about it"

Personal Stylist (Current Employee) says

"This company is toxic. The management is the worst and the other stylist act like high school children. They have unrealistic expectations of their personal styling service and need to reevaluate their business model"

Packer/Picker (Former Employee) says

"I would recommend this job to anyone amazing staff great people very helpful friendly employees supervisor was awsome leads were amazing and helpful very enjoyable atmospherePerksLong hours"

n/a (Former Employee) says

"There is a severe and very unfortunate lack of respect from top down and it spreads like a domino effect throughout the company. Strange, toxic work culture and environment. You can sit next to people and never speak to them, as everyone is heads down, stressed or disinterested in the human element and greeting each other/getting to know each other. Micro management and a sense that managers need constant control. Disorganized, unstable. Nothing done with quality, just with urgency with sales as main focus. Not set up for success, things are done "scrappy" which Rue prides itself on. This ultimately means to make sales as quick as possible without a future vision in mind and without setting a solid foundation and stable/successful foundation for the employees supporting a project/the business HR is unhelpful and condescending. This is one of the most offensive aspects as it is posed as "we are here for you" but it is comical and false. Providing feedback to them is a waste of energy and time as you will receive candid responses and no effort to impact or change anything discussed. High turn over (people getting let go but management portrays to the rest of the team that it was a decision the employee themselves made).Not one I can think of, honestly.Too many to list but a few things summarized/portrayed in the overview."

Picker/Packer/Shipper (Former Employee) says

"The first thing they are not an automated warehouse. ,it's just odd. If you are a picker you have to pick the entire warehouse and take a big heavy silver falling apart tote with you. They have no conveyor you are literally the conveyor. All there computers are like from the stone age,everything is manual. Do not work here.The people are niceYou have to clock out too much for everything"

Contract Seasonal Assistant Boutique Producer (Former Employee) says

"Poor training, no support from management unsocial environment. No lunch breaks. No communication with associates, childish behavior. Expected to work through lunch and stay late everyday."

Boutique Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Minimal training and leadership within the company. Lack of communication between managers and fellow colleagues. People look genuinely unhappy.(very rare to hear talking with one another or people smiling) No formal training just a 45 minute powerpoint.Free drinks and some eventsLack of Training, unprofessional leadership, unpleasant work environment"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Very unprofessional. Lots of pressure on productivity and help. Little help from supervisor. Often times they will avoid complicated calls and put you in the spot to tell the customer that no one else can take the call... etc"

Assistant Buyer (Former Employee) says

"You will be glued to your computer all day with minimal time to eat or go to the bathroom. The pay is not worth the stress. The management does not listen to their employees in the merch. department. Very immature work place with so much drama. Nothing is ever good enough and you will never feel accomplished.Free soft drinks and coffeeAwful pay, management, and don't except to experience a social life at work in the merch. department"

AP Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Immature staff who gossip and bully you, barely any training and they definitely play favorites. Stay away, accounting department is a joke!"

production coordinator (Former Employee) says

"managers have "favorites" and will do anything in their power to get you fired if they dont like you. discrimination against all people. low pay. no fun to work at.nothingeverything"

Inbound Shipping (Former Employee) says

"People pull together to make teams, they have to because management is the most horrible I have ever worked for. Supervisors hold phone meetings that are primarily gossip sessions. Once they discover which employee is the brown noser they use that person to get dirt and make up dirt. Supervisors add jobs instead of hiring so they keep their budget good for their bonus yet employees become overworked and definitely under drinkssnobby people, scandalous supervisors, tyrants, backstabbing."

Warehouse associate (Former Employee) says

"i worked there for three days and it was extremely horrible they want to be like amazon so bad that they throw everyone's comfort out the window. Wouldn't recommend anyone to work here.Nonedirty, dark, stuffy, hot, metal detector line, rude, think they are better than everybody."

Gawarff says

"I am sorry to say I have had a similar experience to most of the other reviews on here. I bought a diamond ring from Rue LaLa at what I thought was a good price. After about 2 weeks it turned up and I was disheartened to find that the diamonds were of poor quality, but it wasn’t expensive so I learnt to live with it. That was until a month later when one of the diamonds fell out. This was when I had the misfortune of having to contact their customer services team. It was a complete shambles, sometimes waiting up to a week for a reply until they finally just stopped replying. I can only reiterate what most of the other users on here have said and suggest that you DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM RUE LALA."

Abdelilah Souada says

"Placed an order on 10-22-2020 for 2 sofas, after 1 month I received 1 sofa but not the other until today they are still telling me to wait 3 to 5 business days for a response. The worst service ever."

CHAN Family says

"For those living outside US, forget about buying from Ruelala. I ordered Rina Lamor diamond earrings. It arrived 1 month later and in horror I found many diamonds flakes are not even in place !! Cheap looking diamonds too. Not worth the $100++ sale they claimed. Report this to the customer service via email as this is the only way to go for international customers. Basically there is no CS , no one ever replied. This company is ripping people off and should be closed down!"

Liz C says

"I ordered a pair of jeans in a particular brand, and a week or so later ordered three more pairs of the same brand in the same size, All from RueLaLa. The first order arrived and I tried the jeans on and realized the size was too big. As I had just ordered the next three pairs within the last 24 hours I tried to go online and cancel the order knowing they would not be the right size. I emailed them twice before my order shipped and they would not respond even though I told him I was canceling the order gave them the order number told them it was not the correct size, and asked for a response. I also tried to chat with their customer service and after waiting a very long time got cut off during the chat twice. I also called their customer service number and waited for over 45 minutes and was never able to get anybody on the phone. I was unable to keep calling by phone because I have to work during the day. The package Arrived although I had tried to cancel the order from the very first day that I placed it, several attempts being very clear and in writing toncustomer service. I now have to return and unless I want to take store credit for my refund I have to pay them $10 shipping and handling. This is a complete rip off because I knew before they ever put my order together that I did not want it and I communicated to this to them several times. Their customer service is pretty much nonexistent. I will never order from ruelala again, that’s why I paid $10 rather than taking store credit because I never want to do business with a vendor like this. The whole point of online shopping is supposed to be convenient and at least honest."

Reginia Dean says

"I ordered a bracelet from ForeverCreations in New York a suppose to be diamond bracelet and the quality looked like cheap flakes (mind you nothing described on Rue La La). I spoke to a customer service clerk and she gave me the run around. I sent it back myself and they said the didn’t get it. I called customer service and they said I needed a tracking number. I made my own label and sent it back and they claim it wasn’t in their system. I know what I did. This was a waste of mine 120.00. They will not give my money back. Buyers please beware of Rue La La and ForeverCreations in New York. Fraudulently"

Merbig Sultan says

"Yo are lucky to get your package with a month and wrong item was sent."

Matthew Croussouloudis says

"3 weeks ago I purchased a set of glass storage containers. They arrived broken. I contacted customer service via their website (which claims a response within 24 hours, WHAT A LIE ! ) and received no response. 4 days later I contacted them again, and 3 days after that I still had no response. I then called customer service and was on hold for 35 minutes before I decided my time was worth more to me than a company that has no respect for its customers."

ccallea says

"Not legitimate. Report to local and federal agencies if you are contacted. They are perpetrating a fraud and after providing a negative report or request to stop communication, they flood your email with garbage."

Mark Frias says

"Please people don't waste your precious time or money with this people. They charge you and then you wait months to get your order... if at all!. Im STILL waiting for a bottle of creed that they charged me for and despite me contacting them 10 times I still don't have my Creed and I still haven't got my refund. The customer service is absolutely HORRIBLE!!! A bunch of 5th graders could do a more competent job then this classless clowns!!! Spend your time and money with a more reputable site / retailer."

Lily Sokol says

"unable to get feedback on my emails , chats and phone calls for thee weeks ??? My order is missing and I cannot reach the customer servise, I was waiting on the line for 45 min., sent four emails with no reply. Maybe they filed for bankruptcy? i'm trying to find the answer."

Carolyn says

"Done with this retailer. I stupidly was phone shopping and chose “notify me” for several items that were out of stock. I had NO IDEA that I would be automatically charged and sent the item if it became available. Perhaps I didn’t read the fine print but what a dumb way of shoving things down people’s throats who may have changed their mind. Then, the return costs $9.99 unless you choose an exchange. Last time I shop at Rue La La."

Mambo Dancer says

"Having the same unfortunate customer service and quality issues as others. One month ago,I returned a necklace costing more than $200, received confirmation that the item was received by Ruelala and have yet to receive a refund. Earlier orders of NYDJ jean were fine. However, my opinion of Ruelala went downhill when I ordered two different jewelry items. Both of the items were flimsy and, if the bracelet I ordered was in fact a true John Hardy, it was definitely a second. I have owned other John Hardy pieces and this one was not of the same quality. It will be going back to Ruelala and I hope my experience with receiving a refund goes better. Buyers beware."

Susan Kanellis says

"I am right there with many of the negative reviews. To preface this review I want to say that I have used RueLaLa since it’s introduction and I originally loved it and spent thousands of dollars there. In the last 10 years it has gone completely downhill. You can find the same stale products all over for the same price or lower. The customer service is a zero. I recently returned 2 items at $150 and it took more than 3 weeks to get a refund. They deducted almost $20 for the shipping both ways. My email and messages went unanswered. JUST TERRIBLE!"

Ninareem says

"They sent me an email that they have received my return and will take 7-10 business days. Guess what it has been 10 days and no sign of refund. I chatted with the lady named Courtney and she lied that it is still on truck. I asked her to give me a return tracking and she ended the chat. I took the pics. Too bad I can’t attach here, And I found the tracking and the tracking says they received my return 10 days ago in NYC and they signed to receive it. What a BS lie! I have been their customer for a few years now and this is the first time having issue for refund. Now I have been waiting on hold for 30 mins and no one is picking up."

Kathleen Baker says

"I returned an item to this company, $160, I have the shipping tracking on the return, an email from Rue LaLa stating they received the return 3 weeks ago! No refund, nothing! I have now disputed this charge with my credit card company. Do NOT order from them."

Amanda Wilson says

"This is nothing short of a criminal enterprise. DO NOT USE them. I bought a red blouse from them, and received a grey one. They simply don't respond when I email or call them. I have a photo of what I ordered, versus what they sent me. All I get is silence. This is actually theft."

Jordan Schoenbeck says

"Terrible customer service. Not worth the savings to have to deal with the company."

Gatekeeper Kelly says

"Spent over $400, got an October 9th delivery date. Went to track it a couple days before.....found my order was canceled. Called, they said info off so rejected. They had place a 1 in front of my phone #. I already had an account....they ran out or over sold so unethically did this to cover themselves. Won’t ever trust them with an order if this is their MO."

H Gee says

"Want to give a ZERO When you first order, it does not say sales are final until after payment. THEY SALE GARBAGE ITEMS, I ordered a hand blow dryer and it so big you can't get your hand around it. Adaglo. Photo looks small but its HUGE. I'm disable and I'm reporting them to BBB this is criminal to deceive people and not refunding because they are aware they're deceiving people. The television show that uses them... I'm coming for you too."

Tammy Harris says

"I couldn't agree with you complainers more!!! It is so difficult to get in touch with somebody, anybody!!! finally... I did an online chat, which turned out to be a nightmare by the way... I was supposed to receive my item 2 weeks ago and now they're saying (When I finally get in touch with a human being!)... they're saying that it's a different seller that's selling on rue lala & that they can't reach them to find out when I'm going to receive my item!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! it was a birthday gift which I'm obviously not going to receive it on time!!! THEY have no information as to when I will...😭😭😭 #nightmare. #senseless" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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